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The Institute for Youth Ministry fosters and conducts interdisciplinary research. We support emerging scholarship and collaborate with thought leaders who reflect theologically on Christian ministry with young people.

The Log College Project

We house and conduct empirical research through our congregational program, the Log College Project. Working with ethnographers, sociologists, and practical theologians, we use a mixed-methods approach in which doctoral students, faculty advisors, emerging scholars, and practitioners are engaged in data collection, interpretation, and application.

In phase one of this research, we collected data from almost 200 congregations who are passionate about designing new forms of youth ministry. In phase two, we journeyed closely with 12 congregations for over three years by conducting interviews, facilitating focus groups, and observing events. One of the goals of this project is to provide ministry leaders with innovative practices that are informed by deep theological reflection. 

During these first four years of this research project, the IYM has discovered Seven Core Values that are key to innovative youth ministry, along with Six Archetypes of congregations that are ready and willing to do a new thing. We’ve summarized these research findings in our first Research Report, freely available to download now.

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The Princeton Forum on Youth Ministry

We advance interdisciplinary research through the annual Princeton Lectures on Youth, Church, and Culture and by showcasing the research of leaders and scholars at our annual Forum on Youth Ministry event.

The Forum, organized by the Institute for Youth Ministry at Princeton Theological Seminary, seeks to bridge theological scholarship with youth ministry practice.

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