Cultivating God’s Brainforest

A Digital Course for Youth Ministers that Keeps Neurodiversity in Mind 

Cultivating God’s Brainforest is a project that brings together neurodivergent young people, youth ministry leaders, and scholars to develop a digital course to help youth workers better understand the gifts of neurodiversity within the context of Christian congregations. 

About the Project 

The Institute for Youth Ministry secured a grant from the Fuller Youth Institute to create a digital course on neurodiversity and faith formation in youth ministry. The course aims to equip youth leaders to shape congregational programs in which young people of all neurotypes flourish. The project is part of Fuller Youth Institute’s “Character-Forming Youth Discipleship” project, funded by The John Templeton Foundation. 

Leadership Team

Erin Raffety
Associate Research Scholar
Michael Paul Cartledge
Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Megan DeWald

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