Entries by Mark Elsdon

Let Go of the Brakes

The temptation when starting out riding is to be cautious, to go slow, to keep one hand on the brake. But doing this makes the likelihood of falling much greater than if you simply let go of the brake and go… We could have crashed and burned and we came close many times in the past decade. We did fall down at times, and it was (and is) terrifying. But if we hadn’t taken these risks, if we had kept one hand on the brake, we would have certainly failed.

Look Ahead to Where You Want to Go

There are countless good ideas out there, infinite causes worth supporting, endless options for how to spend energy, time, and money. But many of these ideas are side streets on the road. They are distractions from the real direction you are headed.

Ministry: Just Like Riding a Bike (Sort of)

There has been a rebirth here at Pres House. People often ask me, “How?” and “What did you do to attract students, raise money, build the infrastructure of a thriving ministry?” and so on. It turns out that rebuilding this ministry was a lot like riding a bike.