Entries by Kristin Franke

Sports on Sundays—Athletes

Our bodies are not built to go and go and go without a day of rest to recover from the training and strain, and so we take a day off from training, guilt-free, to prepare to chase the next milestone or goal next week… In our ability to rest, whether that’s one day a week or taking an off-season away from our sport, we can remember that our identity is not tied exclusively to our sports.

Sports on Sundays—Parents

If parents are working 70 hours a week without having a time for rest, children absorb that message about the value of busyness. If parents take time for a Sabbath rest, children also recognize that there is a time for work, and a time for rest.

Sports on Sundays—Church Leaders

Sometimes it just takes that one voice. The one who says, you are free to disregard the endless pressure to succeed and to do. The one who says, you have been accepted, loved, and redeemed regardless of how well you (or your children) perform.