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Curriculum: Think Big!

While there are times to teach the stories of Scripture, we also need to equip young people to read Scripture for themselves, and be able to understand the stories they read… Teaching young people to consider the metanarrative of Scripture can help them read the Bible for themselves. Best of all, you can find this metanarrative on nearly every page of Scripture, which means however you prefer to teach young people, you can incorporate teaching on metanarrative.

The Dangers of Mission Trip Voluntourism

…to serve locally without partaking in God’s work internationally risks ignoring needs we could meet. It also risks missing out on what those who live in the majority world could teach us. While the problems are real and the conversation about how to serve well is important to have—please, don’t let this stop you from serving, both domestically and internationally.

Speaking Their Language

So whenever a middle schooler or high schooler is explaining what they love about the latest John Green novel, listen! […] As someone who is learning their language, take the opportunity to let the young person teach you about their culture.