Design Incubator

Start Doing Ministry with Young People

The Design Incubator is a six-week ministry innovation intensive and ethnographic research study that guides congregations through a process of ideation and prototyping. In this accelerated program, the Institute for Youth Ministry helps churches innovate quickly and connect deeply with their community.

The Design Incubator includes:

  • A small cohort of churches within the same geographical region, building community and sharing knowledge and resources.
  • Personalized coaching from innovative ministry leaders, customized for each church.
  • A digital opening and closing gathering with the IYM staff, regional leaders, and ministry coaches.
  • Participation in ethnographic research designed to advance the church’s understanding of ministry in the 21st century.

Are you interested in hosting a Design Incubator in your region?

What our innovation coaches have to say:

For our pilot cohort of the Design Incubator program, we have partnered with Ministry Incubators to cultivate innovative ministries in Trenton, New Jersey. A cohort of four churches are listening deeply to the needs and hopes of the young adults in Trenton and co-designing missional projects alongside those same young adults. We are building bridges between the missional identity of local congregations and the young adults they seek to disciple. This program is funded by the Lilly Endowment, Inc. and launched in partnership with the Zoe Project at Princeton Theological Seminary.

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