Mary Finlayson

eboo patel

Eboo Patel

Click here to learn moreabout Eboo Patelas the founder ofInterfaith Youth Core. Eboo’s Website American Muslim Child Date 2011 Download PDF

evelyn parker

Evelyn L. Parker

Click here to learn moreabout Evelyn Parker as a professor atSouthern Methodist University. Evelyn’s Faculty Profile Turning the World Upside Down: The Holy Spirit, Rage, and Righteousness Date 2004 Download PDF Who in the World Am I? Date 2004 Download PDF

William H. Willimon

William H. Willimon

Click here to learn moreabout William H. Willimonas an author, bishop, and dean.  William’s Profile Imitating Christ in a Postmodern World: Young Disciples Today Date 1998 Download PDF

shane claiborne

Shane Claiborne

Click here to learn more about Shane Claiborneas a speaker, activist, and best-selling author. Shane’s Website Becoming the Church We Dream Of Date 2010 Download PDF

andrew root

Andrew Root

Click here to learn more about Andrew Root and his ministry in a secular age. Andrew’s Website Encounter with the Transcendence of God: The Shape of Faithful Place-Sharing for Youth Ministry Date: 2009 Download PDF From an Incarnational Model of Ministry to Being Ministers of the Incarnate One OR Justin Versus Jan Date 2009 Download PDF

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