About The Log College Project

The Log College Project is an innovative initiative at Princeton Theological Seminary to help Christian congregations design, test, and implement new models of youth ministry. Twelve congregations will receive $15,000 grants to build new ministries that take theology and young people seriously. This project is funded by a grant from the Lilly Endowment Inc., built by the Institute for Youth Ministry, and housed at Princeton Theological Seminary.

  • What if youth ministry was more than youth group?

  • What if churches built youth ministry not just for young people, but with young people?
  • What if youth ministry became a construction site: a place where young and old work together to survey, build and reflect the kingdom of God in their local community?

The Log College Project will help twelve Christian congregations across North America build twelve new forms of youth ministry with intergenerational teams (including young people!).

Meet the 12 Churches in the Community of Practice!

Phase One (May 11 – June 30)

This spring we chose fifty-three (53) churches across North America to be in a Community of Engagement. Each church received:

  • A Community Blueprint Project (a hands-on, group-oriented gaming exercise) that will help youth ministers:
    • Recruit an intergenerational “Design Team” – committed to creating a new form of youth ministry in your church.
    • Reflect on the history of youth ministry programming in your church, learning from the past in order to build something fresh for the 21st Century.
    • Reconnect younger and older disciples in your church through sharing intergenerational stories of longing and hope.
    • Reimagine what youth ministry in your context might look like.
  • A chance to be chosen as one of 12 churches in the “Community of Practice.”

Phase Two (begins August 1)

This summer we chose twelve (12) churches to be in a Community of Practice, who will receive:

  • $15,000 grant for your church to build a new form of youth ministry.
  • 5 slots for your Design Team to participate in a “Design Lab” event in the summer of 2019. The Design Lab will gather the most influential leaders in youth ministry, key innovators, and forward-thinking business leaders to help your church create a fresh ministry for your context.
  • 1 slot for your Design Fellow (Youth Ministry Leader) to attend a campus event focused on organizational strategy for innovation in churches.
  • Digital curriculum for your Design Team to help you dig deeper into theology, design-thinking, and Biblical foundations for innovation in youth ministry.
  • Hands-on curriculum created to build on the innovative potential of your congregation’s ministry with young people.
  • Community of Practice: Eleven (11) other congregations that build and innovate alongside you, as well as your own Research Fellow to learn from and inform your congregation’s work with young people.

Important Dates:

  • May 6th: Application period closed.
  • May 11th: Fifty-three (53) churches were selected for the Community of Engagement and sent the Community Blueprint Project.
  • July 1st: Churches submitted their learnings from the Community Blueprint Project.
  • August 1st: Twelve (12) churches were selected to be a part of the Community of Practice: Including a curriculum package, a $15,000 grant, participation in the 2019 Design Lab event, and more…