In the midst of a crisis, we are often focused on the practical response to an immediate situation in front of us. The question—what do we do?—takes precedence over other considerations, as our instincts kick in and move us to action. Good education and training, however, can help to form our instincts so that when we are moved to respond, we instinctively respond thoughtfully and in ways that align with what we know and believe.

As youth ministers, theological education helps us engage with young people in ways that are informed by how we make sense of who God is and how God is at work in the world. Rather than moving rashly from crisis to action, theological training can help us to respond with honed theological instincts. In the space below, the IYM will regularly update you with carefully curated resources for theological reflection during this pandemic crisis.

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The Bible Project

Black Rage in an Anti-Black World Is a Spiritual Virtue
Dante Stewart, Writer and Speaker, Student at Reformed Theological Seminary
Sojourners Magazine

The Revolution Will Not Be Videoed 
Dennis Edwards, Associate Professor of New Testament at North Park Theological Seminary
Christianity Today

White Supremacy is a Threat to Public Health 
Robert P. Jones, CEO and Founder of the Public Religion Research Institute
Sojourners Magazine

Speaking Up Against Racism Around the New Coronavirus 
Coshandra Dillard
Teaching Tolerance

Lessons in Belonging From Indigenous Leaders
Kaitlin Curtice
Sojourners Magazine

Getting Political in the Pulpit About Poverty
Marilyn Baugh Kendrix
Reflections at Yale Divinity School

Imagining a Shared Economy: An Interview With Willie Jennings
Willie Jennings, Associate Professor of Systematic Theology and Africana Studies
Reflections at Yale Divinity School

The Coronavirus Pandemic’s Unequal Burden on African Americans
Dorothy Sanders Wells
The Christian Century

Being a Resurrection People in a Time of Death
Valerie Cooper, Associate Professor of Religion and Society and Black Church Studies at Duke Divinity School
Religion News Service

Statement on Anti-Asian Racism in the Time of COVID-19
8300+ Signatures (as of 4/7/20)
The Asian American Christian Collaborative

CO-VIDA 19: Life-Sustaining Conversations from the HTI Community
HTI Open Plaza
Hispanic Theological Initiative

Listen Lord: We Hate It Here—Lent in Isolation
Michelle Higgins, Founding Member
Faith for Justice

We are Living in an Apocalypse
David Dark
America Magazine: The Jesuit Review

Don’t Overlook the Virulence of Racism Toward Asian Americans
Melody Zhang, Climate Justice Campaign Coordinator


A Theologically Grounded Ethic to Support Scientific Knowledge
Jame Schaefer, Professor Systematic Theology and Ethics at Marquette University
Berkley Center Religion, Peace, and World Affairs

Pandemic Ethics, Herd Immunity, and the Protection of Vulnerable Members of the Community
Xavier Symons, Research Associate in the Institute for Ethics and Society at the University of Notre Dame Australia
ABC Religion and Ethics

Conspiracy Theories in a Time of Coronavirus: How to Address the Problems They Reveal
Andrew MacDonald, Associate Director of the Billy Graham Center Institute
Christianity Today

Concerns for People With Diversity During COVID-19
Mary Jo Iozzio, Professor of Moral Philosophy at Boston College: School of Theology and Ministry
Berkley Center Religion, Peace, and World Affairs

The Pandemic in Prison
Bonnie Kristian
Christianity Today

In the Time of COVID-19, Ventilators are Scarce. How Do We Decide Who Gets Them?
Rebecca Epstein-Levi, Assistant Professor of Jewish Studies and Women’s and Gender Studies at Vanderbilt University
Berkley Center Religion, Peace, and World Affairs

Disabilities in Hiding: How the Pandemic Might Shape Justice for All of Us
Jana M. Bennett, Professor of Theological Ethics at the University of Dayton
Berkley Center Religion, Peace, and World Affairs

Pandemic Pandemonium
Catherine Keller, Professor of Constructive Theology at Drew University
ABC Religion & Ethics

The Old, Evil Idea of Humans as Units of Production
Whitney Wilkinson Arreche, PhD Student at Duke University
The Christian Century


Environmental Gains Are Not a Silver Lining  of COVID-19
Amanda J. Baugh, Associate Professor of Religious Studies at California State University, Northridge
Berkley Center for Religion, Peace, and World Affairs

A Climate Grief, Observed: Transforming Our Ecologies and Theologies of Magical Thinking
Jacob J. Erickson, Assistant Professor of Theological Ethics in the School of Religion at Trinity College Dublin
Berkley Center for Religion, Peace, and World Affairs


“Wash Your Own Feet”: On Singleness and the Domestic Church
Elizabeth Anderson, Assistant Professor of Theology, College of St. Scholastica

Coronavirus Calls for Revival of Real Pentecostalism
Chris Green, Professor of Theology at Southeastern University and Pastor at Sanctuary Church

A Time for Faithful Resilience
Rozella Haydée White, Public Theologian and Writer
Church Anew

And the World Became Connection. Liturgical Theologies in the Real/Virtual World
Cláudio Carvalhaes
Reimagining Worship: Liturgies in the Context of Empire

The Pandemic Has Made Us Unintentional Monastics
Lucila Crena, Doctoral Student at the University of Virginia
The Christian Century 

Is This An Apocalypse? We Certainly Hope So—And You Should, Too
Catherine Keller, Professor of Constructive Theology at Drew University
John J. Thatamanil, Associate Professor of Theology and World Religions at Union Theological Seminary
ABC Religion and Ethics

Coronavirus and the Communion of Saints
Bruce Hindmarsh, Professor of Spiritual Theology and History of Christianity Regent College

Biblical Quarantines: A Survey
Deb Rienstra, Professor of English at Calvin University
Reformed Journal

Social Distancing as a Spiritual Practice
Olivia Paschal
Faith and Leadership from Duke Divinity School

From Humility to Humility: The Spirituality of Quarantine
M. Craig Barnes, President
Princeton Theological Seminary

First, We Wait
Eric Barreto, Associate Professor of New Testament at Princeton Theological Seminary
Church Anew

A Time for Theologians During COVID-19 Pandemic 
Joseph E. Capizzi & H. David Baer
Providence Magazine

Social Distancing and the Love of Neighbor
Dr. Shane Berg, Executive Vice President
Princeton Theological Seminary