As the first wave of COVID-19 outbreaks appears to subside, leaders in all social sectors are beginning to make decisions about how we move into the next phase of this pandemic. Recognizing that it is not possible to go back to a pre-pandemic existence, leaders are seeking advice and weighing their options on how to reopen or retool their institutions, businesses, and organizations, while remaining vigilant toward the health and wellbeing of their communities.

Churches find themselves in the midst of these difficult conversations, and their leaders are trying to navigate all of the variables and possibilities at play in their ministry contexts. When and how do we reopen our churches? How do we exercise the utmost care for all the members of our communities and surrounding areas? What will the future look like after the pandemic ends, and how do we continue to minister while the pandemic is still in progress? In the space below, the IYM will regularly update you with carefully curated resources that seek to address these questions.

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