Tripped Up: Mzungu, Youth Ministry, and Short Term Missions

When we are doing it well, friendship will require our very best effort; our time, energy, trust, affection, commitment, attention, honesty, and loyalty… terms that should characterize all of our STM efforts. Yet too often, most have been content to call themselves “donor,” or “giver,” or even “missionary,” terms that by their very definition still make them an outsider, just another layer to Mzungu.

Finding Affinity: Lauryn Hill, Hip Hop, and Bridging Divides in Youth Ministry

How can youth ministry begin rethinking theological formation in ways that takes more seriously the listening practices young people engage through hip-hop and other forms of music? Exploring the formative potential of these resources means first suspending our judgments about how we expect God to show up in the world.

Prayers of the People: All Shall Be Well

Regardless of our political views or the demographics we use to divide the people in our country, it is evident that in this current season many people are feeling anxious, scared, forgotten, and left out. May we, as followers of Jesus, lead the way in creating a world where all shall be well.

Look Ahead to Where You Want to Go

There are countless good ideas out there, infinite causes worth supporting, endless options for how to spend energy, time, and money. But many of these ideas are side streets on the road. They are distractions from the real direction you are headed.

Ministry: Just Like Riding a Bike (Sort of)

There has been a rebirth here at Pres House. People often ask me, “How?” and “What did you do to attract students, raise money, build the infrastructure of a thriving ministry?” and so on. It turns out that rebuilding this ministry was a lot like riding a bike.

Prayers of the People: The Weary World Rejoices (?)

When God came near as Emmanuel, Jesus didn’t trumpet popular political pursuits or hide behind stained glass windows. He came for the misfits, the oppressed, the accused, the abandoned, and the forgotten.

Prayers of the People: Guíanos

We pray because we have something to say, but let us pray to also hear your voice. Let us hear You speak to us. And then, how should we respond?

Prayers of the People: A Call to Confession

We admit that we do not always recognize others as your children. Differences and disagreements create gulfs and chasms in our relationships that cloud our vision and damage our hearts. Remind us, God of Love, that your love pursued and pursues us even when we turn away. Help us to pursue others in love, as you have pursued us.

Prayers of the People: Over It

We have always trusted in your steadfast love. May our hearts continue to rejoice in your salvation. May we continue to sing to you LORD, because you have dealt bountifully with us.

Prayers of the People: In the Spirit of the Psalms

If I think, “This is the end of me and people like me; there is no one will come to my aid,” even then, you have not abandoned me. The weight of my oppression is mere dust to you, easily blown away with a breath of your spirit.

Prayers of the People: An Introduction

For the many of us who minister to young people, we’ve also sensed an added dimension to this moment in our history, namely, that the cultural rhetoric, fear, and competing narratives have seeped into their lives and discourse in a way that is in danger of being normalized.

Finding Poetry in Ministry

Rather than traditional language of God as a Mighty Warrior, what if we imagined God as a Starving Artist? How might our view of creative-types change in this light? Perhaps this Poet God could speak healing into our lives and into our ministries.