Doing Too Much

There is nothing we can do about our death, yet there is nothing we need to do for God’s favor either, and we practice this in the Sabbath.

Revenge of the Alt-Nerds

When we, male nerds, talk about our own struggles in high school, we have to watch the fine line between relating to their awkwardness and our own disguised misogyny.

To Be a Sanctuary

Indeed, we are God’s holy place, and because this is [tried and] true, God is the sovereign author of life—of my life and of the life of the person to whose arms I was linked, of the family’s life inside the house, and of the ICE agents doing their job.

Unity in the Spirit and on Instagram: Our Call to Forbear and Pursue in the Midst of Discord and Estrangement

How will God lead us to not only “refollow” people online, but to actively pursue those people whose opinions have hurt us in our hearts and in our life? Doing the difficult work of recognizing the mark of our common creator and cultivating forbearance are the gifts we can offer the world now to build bridges across unthinkable chasms.

How Prayer Works

Could praying about the environment really make a difference? Sure, I can pray that God would miraculously keep icebergs from melting, but is it possible my prayers for the environment could turn me into a more mindful steward of creation? When we take a storied approach to our environment, we organically find ourselves in a richer landscape that goes beyond the physical terrain of the land.

Get Your Authenticity In Here

However quirky you’re trying to make your church signs—however hard you’re spinning your wheels to gain traction with this generation—remember that you do not need to compete in the cultural arena of authenticity.

Adventures with Lord B.

I'm glad all of my prayers don't get answered. I'm glad that most of my prayers don't get answered. Because sometimes, I don't really know what I'm supposed to be praying for.

Don't Forget to Oil Your Chain

Taking care of the business of your ministry context is not a distraction from the “real” work of ministry. It is vital to the ministry itself and essential to fully realizing your mission and vision.

I Do Declare

So, don’t ask, “Who am I to say this?” You are God’s daughter. Make declarations. You matter, your voice is worthy of being heard, and God has given you important things to say. Declare them with authority.

Is it Any Wonder Young People are Confused About Grace?

Sin isn’t limited to being disobedient or being immoral. It’s better understood as going against our nature—the nature God created. So in effect, with this larger understanding of sin, Jesus isn’t telling the woman in John's gospel to go and never make another mistake. Jesus is inviting her to embrace grace, to embrace herself, to see the value of who she is—fractured self and all.

Let Go of the Brakes

The temptation when starting out riding is to be cautious, to go slow, to keep one hand on the brake. But doing this makes the likelihood of falling much greater than if you simply let go of the brake and go... We could have crashed and burned and we came close many times in the past decade. We did fall down at times, and it was (and is) terrifying. But if we hadn’t taken these risks, if we had kept one hand on the brake, we would have certainly failed.

Apophatic Science and Dark Matter Theology

In the gulf that remains between what we can know and say and what we cannot, therein lies the mystery and wonder at the very heart of the Christian faith. Rather than fearing this reality, rather than ignoring the God-sized elephant in the sanctuary, rather than reifying the alienating myth of certainty as the central component of our faith, apophatic theology invites us to welcome the unknown.