Show Up Before the Showdown: Locating the Genuine as a Compass for the Right Cause

Rather than aspiring to the impossible ideal of changing the entire world, the sound of the genuine is a guiding voice towards the incremental changes that align with our gifts and calling… The sound of the genuine within me assures me that my passion for justice need not bind me to every cause.

Healing the Disabled

Just as the man stands up and walks, so the crowd sees that they, too, will be fully healed of all their brokenness. Just as the man goes home to be re-integrated into a society that has wrongfully shunned him, so the crowd sees that the world, too, will become a place of belongingness for everyone. And just as the one who is paralyzed “gets up” to the glory of God, so the crowd sees the One who will rise up, revealing to all the full glory of God, prefiguring the Kingdom of new life for the cosmos.

A Royal Priesthood

When we say we have a priesthood of all believers, it doesn’t mean that at some point we are good enough to become a member and are worthy. It means we belong as we are, blemishes and all.

Trusting Silence

May you trust silence with yourself, your kids, or your ministry this Lenten season. Acting against the frantic movement of a culture addicted to noise.

Intergenerational Ministry: Participating as Partners

If youth are the church of today, does that mean senior adults are the church of yesterday? That is certainly not the case. We, all of us, are part of the body of Christ. Each of us has a part to play and each of us needs the others.

For Such a Time as This

We, as followers of the Christian tradition are called to a path of righteousness. Righteousness as defined by biblical tradition refers to right, just, and balanced relationships. In a moment when so much of life demands immediate and reactionary responses, there is a distinct call for the faithful, the inspired, the artists, the visionaries, and the prophets to transcend the tenor of the current moment and provide the bass line for a new melody.

Doing Too Much

There is nothing we can do about our death, yet there is nothing we need to do for God’s favor either, and we practice this in the Sabbath.

Revenge of the Alt-Nerds

When we, male nerds, talk about our own struggles in high school, we have to watch the fine line between relating to their awkwardness and our own disguised misogyny.

To Be a Sanctuary

Indeed, we are God’s holy place, and because this is [tried and] true, God is the sovereign author of life—of my life and of the life of the person to whose arms I was linked, of the family’s life inside the house, and of the ICE agents doing their job.

Unity in the Spirit and on Instagram: Our Call to Forbear and Pursue in the Midst of Discord and Estrangement

How will God lead us to not only “refollow” people online, but to actively pursue those people whose opinions have hurt us in our hearts and in our life? Doing the difficult work of recognizing the mark of our common creator and cultivating forbearance are the gifts we can offer the world now to build bridges across unthinkable chasms.

How Prayer Works

Could praying about the environment really make a difference? Sure, I can pray that God would miraculously keep icebergs from melting, but is it possible my prayers for the environment could turn me into a more mindful steward of creation? When we take a storied approach to our environment, we organically find ourselves in a richer landscape that goes beyond the physical terrain of the land.

Get Your Authenticity In Here

However quirky you’re trying to make your church signs—however hard you’re spinning your wheels to gain traction with this generation—remember that you do not need to compete in the cultural arena of authenticity.