Christmas Eve Survival Tips

Murphy’s Law: Christmas Eve? If it can go sideways in the church office, it will. For my pastor friends desperately trying to get through all the details that prepping for the evening’s services bring, here are my Top 5 Tips for Survival.

1) If the copier breaks down at your church, forget about the bulletins. Someone announces what’s next anyway, and Jesus still comes.

2) If there is even the slightest chance of wind or drizzle, save yourself the trouble of the luminaries. Jesus still comes.

3) Give up the search for that present. Seriously. Download the picture and gift card to purchase it, stick both in an envelope, and let it all go. Jesus still comes.

4) Worried about your sermon? Come on—you know the Scripture. You know the story. Set it all aside for now, and do what Oswald Chambers says: “Let the Spirit set the Word on fire.”

5) Dress comfortably underneath your robe.

Jesus still comes.

Stephanie Caro has been involved in ministry to children, youth, and adults in the local church since…a long time. Her humorous, straightforward style keeps her busy presenting and coaching at conferences, training events, camps, mission trips, retreats, churches, etc. She is a Senior Consultant for Ministry Architects, which allows her to help churches assess, vision, and formulate their ministry game plan.

Her books, Thriving Youth Ministry in Smaller Churches, 99 Thoughts for the Smaller Church Youth Worker, and Small(er) Church Youth Ministry: No Staff, No Money, No Problem! were published by Group/Simply Youth Ministry. Stephanie and her husband, Steve, live in Houston. Their seven children are all grown.

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